Louise’s Children

Louise was unable to have her own kids and following her third miscarriage, she adopted the first of her two babies, William. Cynthia was adopted as a baby about a year and a half later. Throughout her life, the children, even as grown-ups in middle age, were always the heart and soul of her life. On July 8, 2015, Cyndy held Louise’s hand as she drew her final breath in the hospital in Kelowna.

Louise’s Children –Epilogue

Louise did a pretty god job of being a single mom. Both children managed to find their way in life: finding meaningful vocations and good spouses (and Cyndy having two sons) and are now well into middle age. Both stayed very close and connected with Louise especially in the last decade of her life. Cyndy, a professional Care Giver became a strong advocate for Louise when she entered residential care at the age of 85. Despite Cyndy’s vigilance, Louise deteriorated rapidly in residential care and passed away in July of 2015.