Louise’s Sisters & Brothers

Louise had four sisters – Vi, Ruth, Hazel, and Alice – with whom she maintained lifelong connections despite being placed in different foster homes early on when her parents died. Louise’s fifth sister, Marg was reconnected with the family in her forties and her and Louise made up for lost time. Louise kept in regular touch with ther brothers Art, Stan, Chuck, Wes and Gordon through her life, while brothers Alan and Jeff entered her life in adulthood.

Louise’s Sisters and Brothers – Epilogue

Louise was predeceased by many of her brothers and sisters: Marg in the 80’s; Ruth, Wes, Gordon and Alice in the 90’s; and Chuck more recently. Stan is in care, Jeff and Alan are living (to the knowledge of the author of the website), and Vi thrives in Victoria, close to her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.